Your comprehensive 5-year warranty includes the general operation of the door, the motor, operating system and door finish. All site visits in relation to a genuine issue concerning the doors operation will not incur any charge. Replacement of any part deemed to be faulty will be undertaken as quickly as possible and will not incur any charge. Any replaced part will be warrantied from the doors initial installation date.

Items excluded from warranty:

i. Batteries
ii. Fuses
iii. Light bulbs


Please note: Garage floors are inherently uneven across the width of the opening, we cannot guarantee that the rubber seal will make a perfect seal.

Marking over time to both sides of an insulated roller door curtain is normal and not considered part of any warranty. Chips, scratches, rubbing or scuffing, which result in cosmetic or natural fade or weathering of the finished surface are not covered in this warranty.

The door striking an object during travel. Operating the door after it is known to be defective and awaiting repair. Every effort will be made to ensure that the door can be manually operated.

Normal wear and tear on items such as brushes in the guides, rollers, seals and other areas of contact during normal operation.

Acts of God, fire, alterations and/or additions to door, or damage or discolouration from the effects of atmospheric conditions, including, but not limited to: flood water, areas subject to water runoff, or runoff from lead, copper or galvanic metal flashing.

Any defect or deterioration of timber or masonry including drying out after installation.

At no time will Pride Garage Doors Ltd. be responsible or liable for any charge arising from customer inconvenience due to the door being inoperable whilst awaiting repair.

CE Marking

All of the doors supplied by Pride Garage Doors Ltd. are CE marked to indicate they comply with all British directives concerning product safety standards and that they meet or exceed health, safety and environmental protective legislation and can be legally sold and installed in the UK.

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