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Telis 4 Silver


Effortlessly operate up to four different Somfy RTS products individually or as a group with the wireless Somfy Telis 4 Lounge remote control. The channel selector button allows you to easily choose which Somfy products you want to control, whether it’s your automated blinds, sunscreens or any other connected Somfy RTS product.

This easy to program and use handset also lets you operate a group of products simultaneously for control of your entire home environment. The contemporary black remote control features three buttons, including a raise, lower and stop functionality, along with a ‘my’ button for instant recall of a programmed position.

The multi-channel Telis 4 Lounge comes with a shock and splash proof housing for durability and a wall mount for complete convenience.

  • Control up to four Somfy RTS powered blinds or other RTS enabled products, e.g. electric curtain tracks or lighting modules
  • Move between five channels with the channel selector button
  • Includes raise, lower and stop functions, and programmable ‘my’ button
  • Shock and splash proof housing for durability
  • Battery powered with no wiring required
  • Supplied with a mounting pin for easy storage

What’s included?

  • 1 Somfy Telis 4 Lounge five-channel remote control
  • 1 Battery
  • 1 Wall mount



General information

  • Control all compatible devices. Individually or in groups.
  • Provide a real time display of the status of equipment: open or closed, on or off.
  • With the camera, you can monitor your home remotely.
  • My scenarios
    – Create scenarios to manage several home devices simultaneously (for instance, the “going out” scenario, which closes all blinds and roof windows, and switches off all the lights).
    – Activate your scenarios manually.
  • My week
    – Create a day, with scenarios which start to run at the selected time (up to 20 days possible).
    – Program a week with different days (e.g.: “work” day and “weekend” day).
  • My sensors
    – Combine scenarios with sensors: sunlight, temperature, opening, smoke or presence.
    – Program sending an e-mail, if the sensors detect an incident.

Product benefits

The TaHoma® Box radically simplifies control in the house
– Easily control your home whether you’re home or away with the TaHoma® interface.
– You customize your smart home, at any time, so you stay in control.

Somfy wireless smart home system, TaHoma compatible with any configuration: newbuild or renovation.
– It is easy to install without major structural work, whatever your project.

Somfy smart home system, TaHoma, adapts as your needs and your budget change.
– You can add new devices to your installation whenever you want.

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Radio Keypad RTS

General information

  • Access control device used to ensure secure entry. The radio keypad can control up to 2 gate and garage door applications
    by entering a PIN code.
  • Simple installation: no wiring required.
  • Simplicity of use: illuminated keys, a different code for
    up to 5 users, “Battery low“ indicator.
  • Power supply: lithium battery model 2450 included with
    the keypad.
  • Security guaranteed: 4, 5 or 6 digit PIN code (2 million possibilities), reliability of RTS technology.
  • Number of channels: 2.

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General information

What is Indoor plug G-type RTS ?

This remote controlled power outlet with ON/OFF function is used to control remotely lighting and electrical appliances.
The power outlet is easy to use, plug the receiver into the electrical outlet and turn on or off the lighting with your smartphone/tablet with the Connexoon RTS* box or the Smart Home box TaHoma*. The power outlets can also be controlled by a Somfy handset, eg. Telis remote control. The power outlet is also equipped with an on/off button on the front.


  • Easy to install in your system
  • Controls both lighting and electrical appliances.
  • Simple and comfortable use.

* Sold separately

Product benefits

  • Remote controlled power switch for control of lamps or other electrical equipment.
  • Compatible with all Somfy RTS remote controls, Connexoon RTS and Tahoma.
  • Radio range, maximum 30 m.
  • The number of controllers that can be connected is limited to 4 pcs.
  • Max 3000 W.
  • G-type socket.

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Keypad RTS – Metal

General information

  • The RTS radio Keypad is a wireless, wall-mounted control with coded access.
  • The Keypad enables 2 different motors to be operated with 2 control buttons.
  • Secure user codes limit the use of the keypad to authorised users:
    - 1 main code for the 2 control buttons.
    - 2 secondary codes for each control button to give partial, brief access to the property.
  • User codes with a choice of 4, 5 or 6 characters, can be composed using numbers 0 to 9 and the letter A.
  • The keypad buttons are illuminated with backlighting during operation.
  • Battery: 3V, CR 2450 lithium cell.

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General information

Connexoon Access RTS enables:

The centralised control of all RTS access equipment using your Smartphone. When you are at home or remotely when you are at work or holiday.
Example: When you are away, you can open the garage door to your daughter who forgot her keys or remote.

To create and play 4 scenarios to control simultaneously several connected access equipment:

  • Welcome scenario
    Example: Your garage door open, your exterior lights switch on, when you come back home thanks to geolocation.
  • Leave Home scenario
    Example: In the morning, when you go to work, close in one click your access products.
  • Open access scenario
    Example: open simultaneously all your access products.
  • Close access scenario
    Example: Close or activate in one click all your selected access products.

Connexoon Access RTS is Compatible with:
Access – Gate Openers RTS – Garage Door Openers RTS – RDO Rollixo RTS
Lighting – Light RTS – Plus RTS – Philips Hue

Discover really useful and easy-to-use scenarios:

  • Coming Home*: Your garage door and gate opener open automatically, your exterior lights switch on when you come back home thanks to geolocation.
  • Geofencing works on your GPS location for the only TRULY hands-free driving access product.
    *(use of third party products may reduce functionality of this option).

Connexoon Window RTS enables:

  • Centralized control of RTS window equipment, such as interior blinds and curtains, using your Smartphone, when you are at home or remotely when you are at work or holiday. Example: From the office you can close your interior blinds, curtains and lighting. To play 4 pre-defined scenarios to control simultaneously several connected products and activate if needed the timer and the presence simulation.
  • Back home scenario
    Example: When you come home, in one click, your interior blinds and curtains open and some selected lights switch on. You switch off in the same time the presence simulation.
  • Leave Home scenario
    Example: When you go to work, close in one click some selected interior blinds and activate the presence simulation.
  • Sun protection scenario
    Example: When the sun is shining you can close your blinds (e.g. half way down) of the southern facade in one press on your Smartphone.
  • Privacy scenario
    Example: In the evening, close your interior blinds and curtains of your living room to protect yourself from outside glances.

Connexoon Window RTS is Compatible with:
Blinds – Roller Blinds RTS – Venetian Blinds RTS – Curtains RTS – Roman Blinds RTS – Cellular Shades RTS – Zebra Shades RTS
Lighting – Light RTS – Plus RTS – Philips Hue

Product benefits

What is Connexoon® RTS?

Connexoon RTS enables you to centralise, control and program the RTS connected products, thanks to the Connexoon RTS Box connected to your internet router.

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Smoove Origin Wall Switch


The battery powered Somfy Smoove Origin Wall Switch is compatible with all products using the Somfy RTS protocol and allows you to wirelessly control your connected Somfy products with the touch of a button. The battery powered control is easy to install anywhere in your home, with no disruption to your décor. And thanks to the neutral colour finish, this contemporary handset will blend seamlessly into your interiors.

The single channel control is easy to program and use, featuring raise, lower and stop functions for easy operation of a Somfy product. The Smoove Origin also includes a ‘my’ button, which can be programmed to instantly recall a preferred position.

  • Controls Somfy RTS powered blinds or other RTS enabled products, e.g. electric curtain rails or lighting modules
  • Includes raise, lower and stop functions, and programmable ‘my’ button
  • Battery powered; no wiring required
  • Supplied as a white switch module with a white frame and mounting plate

What’s included?

  • 1 Smoove Origin RTS Wall Switch
  • 1 Mounting plate
  • 1 White frame
  • M3 tape
  • 1 Battery

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