Recent survey results showed security is the most important factor when buying a garage door. This comes as no surprise since the garage is a key target for thieves and can provide an easy access point into the entire home.

Pride Garage Doors incorporate a number of security features as standard. All our doors are made from the highest quality aluminium and have no visible handles or locks for intruders to target. A patented anti-lift locking system prevents the door from being lifted from below. Should an attempt be made to forcible open the door an integral 100db alarm will sound .

High strength extruded aluminium guide channels protect the door curtain from lateral attack. The control system we use is manufactured by Somfy regarded as the most reliable in the industry worldwide. Both offer rolling code security, meaning that they transmit a different signal each time you use it preventing criminals from using code stealing technology.

With Pride Garage Doors, it's very easy to see what you're getting. The details of the equipment ordered are clearly in writing and the specifications for that equipment are freely available and verifiable.

However, there are garage door companies that are not so transparent, some have little to no security at all and do not use rolling code security and they certainly don’t bring it to your attention.

Pride Garage Doors is one of the few roll-up door companies located in the South of England able to install doors to a Police Preferred 'Secured by Design' status. Our Elite door supplied by Priory doors & Shutters. Not only have Priory’s doors met the criteria for the Police Preferred status but have done so with 100mm guide rails, a reinforced bottom lath, barrel & locking system. This Police Preferred door will fit in the majority of garages that a normal Classic roll-up would fit in.

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