Roll-Up Garage Door Repairs


Pride Garage Doors specialises in supplying and fitting roll-up garage doors, it's our specialty and we are very good at it!

People often take their remote-control roll-up garage door for granted, you press a button it opens, you press a button it closes. Over time, like everything, parts wear out, motors, control systems, infra-red safety systems, internal winding systems, external override systems, remote controls etc.

As it's the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, you could say it's not rocket science & neither is fixing it. Be it the motor, the control system, replacing a missing winder, or simply replacing the batteries in the bottom edge transmitters we can help!


If your existing door was a good one, updated like for like, replacement parts will be available. If your control system consisted of a little grey box (as I call them) and it’s faulty, as is often the case, you can replace it with the World’s most reliable system – NO NEED TO REPLACE THE DOOR.

As far as charges are concerned, we would carry out a survey and fully agree the cost of a repair in advance of any work being carried out. Our testing equipment will clearly show what is faulty (motor - control system).


What to look out for?

  • Door goes up but won't come down, comes down in stages, or you need to keep pressing the remote – often the batteries in the bottom edge transmitter are flat, or the infrared or control system is faulty.
  • The door does not want to go up, it starts to, but stops a foot or two up, but will come down – this is likely a fault with the motor.
  • Is your door doing a mixture of the above? This is likely to be the control system (the little grey box).  I have only ever had to replace the little grey box systems, never those manufactured by Somfy, the World leader in garage door automation for over 50 years. Why do I only use Somfy control systems? We are back to the rocket science!


If your door is working OK and for some reason you just happen to be reading this, test that the internal winder works (wind it up and down) if you're particularly struggling to wind it up and need to be able to in an emergency, we can help.

If you don’t have another entry way into the garage double check that your door has an external override system. This is usually an external lock that when opened allows you to insert a special winder to open / close the door. If you've got such a system test it (find the key & the handle first). This type of system should also allow you to wind the door open from inside. Be sure it all works.

Some aspects of the external override system are now a legal requirement, many older doors were fitted when it wasn't a requirement to have the system work inside the garage, resulting in people getting trapped. Properties change hands circumstances change don’t get trapped in your garage or get locked out of it.  It's far safer and cheaper to sort out before you have to.

For free advice or to book a callout telephone 01722 581004 or mobile 07720 857789.

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