“Following examination of the legal requirements in relation to power operated garage doors it is the view of Nottinghamshire Trading Standards that a door operated by a ‘hold to run’ remote control device, capable of being operated without full visibility of the door itself, would be in breach of both the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the Construction Products Regulation (EU) 305/2022, unless an additional method (as provided for in the relevant standards) of ensuring the safety of the product can be demonstrated. This would not include a video/CCTV facility giving the operator view of the door.”

To be fair, I have a vested interest in bringing the information detailed below to your attention as I would like you to get a good quality roll-up door from my company.  I also don’t like to see people get ripped off by companies selling shoddy or even illegal products.


You see an ad for a roll-up garage door ADVERTISED from £895.00 as an example including VAT.  So, what would you likely be getting for your money? A Compact door, the least insulated & the least secure of roll-up doors in white with no UPVC.  The top slat would be screwed directly to the barrel! And it would have a hold & run remote system.  


  • The salesman / surveyor wants you to upgrade your order (you will want to upgrade your order!)
  • £300 more for a Classic door
  • £60+ for non-white powder coated door
  • £150 more for a legitimate remote-control system
  • £200 for UPVC work

Most people would want to upgrade all of the above and would still be getting the low end of roll-up garage door, a sub-contractor installer and a short guarantee.

Let's do the maths £895 including VAT + up to £710.00 more + VAT = A lot of money for a shoddy door using outdated garage door components and misleading sales tactics 


Good quality Compact doors are great, don’t get me wrong they serve a purpose, I sell 1 for about every 250 Classic doors I do.  Most garage scenarios call for a Classic roll-up, they have more insulation, better security & most of the people I meet think they look better.


A door cannot be CE Marked, if it is supplied with a 'hold to run' remote control, therefore making it illegal! The only option for a door operated via remote control, is a bottom safety edge. If a company, are issuing CE badges & DOP's on a door with a 'hold to run' remote they are breaking the law, specifically the machinery directive (supply of machinery (safety) regulations) and the Construction Regulation of Products.

If a door must be controlled via 'dead man', it must be via a switch adjacent to the door, so that it can be viewed at all times when operated. The problem with a hold to run fob, is that potentially the user can operate the door when out of view of it.  These systems were phased out about to years ago on safety grounds.

I have had this verified by trading standards and have also spoken with the Door Hardware Federation to investigate these companies. You can verify this by going to the Door Federation Website, Door Federation Code of practice Or ask Trading Standards


I would strongly advise not fixing a top slat directly to the barrel, for two reasons, 

1). A slat is constructed from a foam core and a thin rolled aluminium skin, therefore whatever fixing is connecting the slat to the tube, will pull through in no time, thus detaching the curtain from the barrel. 

2). Not using a locking strap to connect the curtain to the barrel, means that the curtain could be manually lifted when in the closed position, therefore reducing the overall security of the door.  It's just penny pinching from putting 3 or more proper barrel locks on the door.

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